Current & Upcoming Presentations/Courses/Activities

Author, Change the World Using Social Media, from Rowman & Littlefield; publication date: January 2021; for 30% discount, order through Rowman & Littlefield and use this code: RLFANDF30.

Interview about Change the World Using Social Media with Stephen Hurley on VoicEd Radio
January 18, 2021, 8:45 a.m. ET/5:45 a.m. PT

Serving as one of three Storytellers in Residence through Arizona State University’s ShapingEDU community
July 2020 – June 2021

Panelist for Campus Technology “Creating Solutions to Connectivity Challenges” virtual conference session centered on fostering universal broadband access for work and learning
February 24, 2021, noon ET/9 am PT

Panelist on LinkedIn Learning Higher Education Leaders “Promoting Broadband Access: Educators as Dreamers and Activists” session 
March 18, 2021, 1 pm ET/10 am PT

Organizing Committee member, ShapingEDU “Connecting for Work and Learning: Universal Broadband Access in the United States” initiative; currently part of team developing four-part online “Universal Broad Access” course. 
May 2020 – ongoing

Serving as Library Advocacy Training Project Manager for the California Library Association
December 2020 – December 2021   

Facilitating highly-interactive one-hour online “brown-bag lunch” sessions through Claremont EAP
Started in June 2020

Freelance writing for Arizona State University Technology Office
Started December 2020

Developing revised “Online Tutorials: Creating Them Easily and Effectively” course for ALA Publishing eLearning Solutions
Tentatively scheduled for Spring 2021

Facilitating a “Leadership, Learning, and Activism: Creating and Telling Our Stories” session at the ATD 2021 International Conference & Exposition.
August 29-September 2, 2021, Los Angeles

Providing four-part highly-interactive train-the-trainer series on demand; available onsite, online, or in blended onsite-online version starting with full day onsite workshops and continuing with three one-hour online sessions.

Developing multi-session “Writing and Preparing Your Nonfiction Manuscript for Publication” online course (weekly one-hour webinars).
Available Spring/Summer 2021

Participating in biweekly T is for Training podcast recordings hosted by Maurice Coleman

Podcasts/Interviews (Selected)

Exploration of how George Couros used Instagram as a teaching-training-learning tool in the form of a book-study group centered on “Innovatve Inside the Box”
T is for Training, Episode #261
February 14, 2020

“Community, Creativity, Story, and Future Literacies”
Future-U Edunauts Podcast
January 19, 2018

“Dealing With Unexpected Changes in Our Training Set-up 
T is for Training Podcast (Episode 216)
December 8, 2017

Previous Presentations/Courses (Can Be Tailored to Meet Your Needs)


“Blend It 2015: Using Technology to Create Onsite/Online Learning Spaces”
American Library Association Annual Conference Presentation for LITA
June 2015; San Francisco, CA
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Collaboration, Technology, Social Media, and Learning: The 2012 Horizon Report–Higher Ed”
ASTD Mount Diablo Chapter
June 2012; Danville, CA
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Community and Collaboration: Nature in the City, Hidden Garden Steps, and the Green Hairstreak Butterfly”
Joint presentation at the Randall Museum with Liam O’Brien, for the San Francisco Naturalist Society, on how Nature in the City and Hidden Garden Steps have been drawn to collaborate through a mutual interest in preserving habitats for an endangered butterfly.
April 2012; San Francisco, CA

“Community Partnerships: How to Get It Done”
ALA Editions Webinar — April 2013
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Conflict Resolution/Difficult People:
Why Am I So Angry
(And What Are You Going to Do About It?)”
WebJunction Webinar, with Maurice Coleman
October 2010
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Connected Learning for Library Staff and Users”
PCI Webinars — November 2015
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Cover to Cover: Redefining Books and Library Collections in Learning”
PCI Webinar — June 2014
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Critical Thinking and Assumptions in Decision-making”
Workshop for Contra Costa Community College District
April 2011; Martinez, CA


“Ed-Tech Trends: Identifying and Incorporating Them into Your Workplace”
ATD (Association for Talent Development) 2016 International Conference & Exposition — May 25, 2016, 10 am
Denver, CO [Session #W214]
(PowerPoint Presentation and Resource Sheet With Online Links)

“E-learning: Basics and Best Practices”
Updated July 1, 2010


“Flipped Classrooms: Playing With the Flipped Classroom Model”
PCI Webinars — May 2016
(PowerPoint Presentation)


“From eLearning to Learning: A Daylong Highly-interactive Exploration”
Mount Prospect Public Library — May 2016
Mount Prospect, IL
(PowerPoint Presentation)


“From eLearning to Learning: A Daylong Highly-interactive Exploration”
Mount Prospect Public Library — May 2016
Mount Prospect, IL
(Storify Document Capturing Participants’ Tweets)

“From eLearning to Learning: A Daylong Highly-interactive Exploration”
Mount Prospect Public Library — May 2016
Mount Prospect, IL
(Five-part Case Study Posted on Building Creative Bridges Blog)

“From Words to Pictures: Imagery in PowerPoint Presentations”
Infopeople/California Library Association
November 2008; Long Beach, CA
(PowerPoint Presentation)


“Hidden Garden Steps: Community,Collaboration, and $10K in Two Hours”
Presentation during San Francisco Department of Public Works Street Parks Project workshop
January 2012; San Francisco, CA


“How to Help Promote Your Book and Build Your Brand”
ALA Editions Webinar –June 2013

“How to Teach Online: A Beginner’s Guide”
ALA TechSource Webinar — January 2014
with Dan Freeman
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Ignite, Interact, & Engage: Maximizing the Learning Outcome”
ALA Annual Conference Presentation — Learning Round Table
with Sharon Morris
June 2012; Anaheim, CA
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“In the Conversation (podcast)”
This episode (#113) of Maurice Coleman’s T is for Training biweekly one-hour podcast focuses on the newly-released New Media Consortium 2013 Horizon Report (Higher Education), MOOCs, and trends in learning and technology overall.
Recorded live in February 2013
(Archived audio-recording; download, save, then listen)

“Instant Professional Development (podcast)”
Episode 101 of Maurice Coleman’s T is for Training biweekly one-hour podcast; focuses on the use of Twitter backchannels as learning tools in conferences and expands into an exploration of how we all play the role of trainer-teacher-learner in many different parts of our lives; additional thoughts posted on Building Creative Bridges blog
June 2012
(Archived 45-minute audio-recording)

“Leadership: Trainers as Leaders–Introduction/Resource Sheet”
Updated July 1, 2010


“Leadership: Trainers as Leaders (Overview)”
American Library Association Annual Conference Presentation/Panel Discussion for Learning Round Table
June 2010; Washington, DC
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Levels of Engagement: Rethinking How Social Media Connects Communities and Libraries”
Multidistrict Keynote Presentation and Workshops — May 2017
King of Prussia, PA
(Annotated Storify Document Capturing Participants’ Tweets)

“Libraries as Partners in Lifelong Learning”
PCI Webinar — July 2014
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Lifelong Learning and Personal Learning Networks”
Episode 145 of Maurice Coleman’s T is for Training hour-long podcasts for trainer-teacher-learners engaged several colleagues in a conversation about lifelong learning, personal learning networks, and Barbara Fister’s Library Journal article on the topic.
August 8, 2014
(Archived Audiorecording)


“Lifelong Learning (Learning for the Future: Habits of Mind and Teaching Life Skills)”
Saint Mary’s College of California Faculty Workshop– November 2015
Moraga, CA
(PowerPoint Presentation)


“Making Space: Exploring Innovations in Onsite and Online Learning Spaces”
This “invited talk” for the KIPA (Knowledge & Information Professional Association) 2015 Conference in Denton, TX continues explorations of one of the key ed-tech trends discussed in the New Media Consortium 2015 Horizon Report > Higher Education Edition.

“Marketing 101: Creating the Voice of a Successful Organization”
ASTD Chapter Leader Webinar — June 2011
(PowerPoint Presentation and archived audio-recording of this one-hour live webinar)


“Mastering Online Facilitation (Part 1 of 4): Leading Engaging Meetings and Webinars”
SEFLIN Webinar — July 2014
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Mentoring: Creating and Managing Mentoring Programs”
Tips, Sample Applications, and Resources — Updated July 2009

“Mentoring: Mentoring Program Basics”
American Library Association Annual Conference Presentation for Learning Round Table
July 2009; Chicago, IL
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Mentoring Onsite and Online”
PCI Webinars
May 2014
(PowerPoint Presentation with Speaker Notes)

“Nonprofit Basics: Riding the Waves”
ASTD National Chapter Leader Conference Presentation
October 2009 (repeated October 2010); Arlington, VA
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Nonprofit Survival Tips: Keeping Your Boat Afloat”
ASTD National Chapter Leader Conference Presentation
October 2009; Arlington, VA
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“PowerPoint Best Practices for Onsite and Online Presentations”
ALA CLENE Training Showcase
June 2008; Anaheim, CA


“Rethinking Digital Literacy to Service Library Staff and Library Users”
ALA Editions asynchronous ecourse July – August 2015
Course reflections posted on my Building Creative Bridges blog

“Rethinking Library Instruction:
Libraries as Social Learning Centers”
ALA Editions asynchronous ecourse May 16 – June 10, 2011
Introductory article posted May 3, 2011


“Rethinking Social Media to Organize Information and Communities”
ALA Editions asynchronous ecourse November 2 – December 6, 2015

“Social Learning Centers: The New Fourth Place”
Computers in Libraries 2011 Conference Presentation (via Skype)
with Maurice Coleman and Jill Hurst-Wahl
March 2011
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Social Learning Centers and Libraries”
American Library Association Annual Conference Presentation/Panel Discussion for Learning Round Table
with Maurice Coleman and Buffy Hamilton
June 2011; New Orleans, LA
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Social Media Basics”
ALA Editions asynchronous ecourse May 21 – June 17, 2012
Introductory article posted May 15, 2012


“Social Media, Library Partnerships, and Collaboration: More Than a Tweet”
PCI Webinar — February 2014
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Strategic Planning 101: Working in the Construction Zone”
ASTD Chapter Leader Webinar
March 2011
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Technology in Face-to-Face Training”
ALA TechSource Webinar
September 2010
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Technology in Online Training”
ALA TechSource Webinar
September 2010
(PowerPoint Presentation)


“That Was Great! Now What? (Providing Learning That Is Used)”
American Library Association Annual Conference Presentation (Learning Round Table) — June 2014
Las Vegas, NV
(PowerPoint Presentation)

Training, Teaching, and Learning 2012: State of the Industry Reports”
ASTD Sacramento Chapter Meeting Presentation
January 2012; Sacramento, CA
(repeated in Danville, CA in February 2012 for ASTD Mount Diablo Chapter)
(PowerPoint Presentation)


“Training-Teaching-Learning 2015: State of the Industry”
PCI Webinar — July 2015
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Using Technology in Library Training”
ALA TechSource Webinar Overviews
September 2010

“Volunteers: Creating/Managing Successful Volunteer Programs”
Tips and Basic Template — Updated May 2009

“Volunteer Retention 101: Thanking and Rewarding Our Supporters”
PowerPoint Presentation for Webinar Co-presented with Rick Kerner for ASTD Chapter Leaders — December 5, 2012
Link to archived audio recording coming soon

“Web Analytics, Part 1: Turning Numbers Into Action”
ALA TechSource Webinar, with Char Booth
January 2011
(repeated in January 2012 with Sarah Houghton)
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Web Analytics, Part 2: How Libraries Analyze and Act”
ALA TechSource Webinar, with Char Booth
(repeated in January 2012 with Sarah Houghton)
January 2011
(PowerPoint Presentation)

“Web Conferencing: Presentation Skills for Meetings and Trainings”
Updated January 23, 2010

“What Trainers Need to Know about Libraries”
ASTD Mount Diablo Chapter
February 2009; Danville, CA
(PowerPoint Presentation)

HGS--Logo--2013--10-5--Candela“Why Study Science?”
Two presentations for George Washington High School science classes; each session helped students see how a knowledge of science and nature has been essential in developing the Hidden Garden Steps project in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset District
April 2012; San Francisco, CA

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